Friday, January 24, 2014

Why I've Been "Quiet" Lately

It's been a long long time since I've REALLY blogged. "Really" meaning that I've  told a story that I was excited or passionate about!

Maybe it's because it's winter, or maybe it's because we're in limbo with the whole house building thing, or maybe it's because I've gained weight, or maybe it's because our lives have just changed quite a bit with Alia going to school (both good and bad!) but.... I'll say it... I'm in a rut! I don't get excited about much lately... except essential oils!

I feel like when I blog I need to take pictures to remember the time of life we were in... but in the winter it's just our same four walls, with the same people, wearing the same clothes that they do every day (because it doesn't matter that their closets are over flowing... they still want to wear leggings and their horse shirts!) and I'm not the most motivated to snap away at the same old, same old! 

So... I may sound like a debbie downer... but the moral of this post is... I haven't forgotten to write... I just don't feel like I have anything to write about! Call it winter writer's block if you will!! 

When there's something "news worthy" I'll be sure to let my faithful few readers know!!

In the meantime... here are a couple pictures I stumbled on from two years ago! They are oldies... but oh how they make me smile!!

Caidrie is now wearing the shirt that Alia was wearing in this picture!! 

My littlest lady dancing with me as we worship in the kitchen!

Sigh... I know that time goes fast... but it sure is easy to forget that fact when the day is spinning, and wild, and loud, and chaotic!

I need to stop and LOOK for the Lord's blessings around me... I've gotten out of practice and it's time for my camera and I to do a little "looking for His love" together. And there's never a better time to start than winter... because does anyone need an extra reminder when it's brutal, freezing, and barren out there!