Tuesday, January 28, 2014


First big "YES!!!" of the day!? A school cancellation! 

I should explain that those are rare in our area! They are reserved for the true blizzardy days and if the temp (plus windchill) are at -45 degrees. This year we've had three... which is like a huge record (and tells you we've had a HARD winter!) as Jon only had one or two his WHOLE childhood... so yeah! It was special! 

We had pancakes for breakfast (attempt two on coconut flour pancakes went better... but has yet to be perfected!)... followed by a little play time with daddy before he had to leave for school! (Teachers are expected to come, even if there is a cancellation! Sad, sad... I know!)

Our friend came and built the girls a big snow hill over the weekend...

... so there was lots of playing to be done, even though it was crazy cold!

Snow time was followed by Play Doh practice, at the suggestion of little Miss. CP!

I was instructed to make each of the girls a wedding cake... and was even promised a job in the (VERY distant!!) future as the official wedding cake maker! :)

It might look pretty, but Caidrie would attest that appearance isn't everything!

During nap time the two older girls even did some painting. And let me tell you... Play Doh AND painting in one day is truly a wonder in this household! I still get near heart palpitations at the sight of opened paint jars spread across the table... but on a no school day... ya do what ya gotta do! :)

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