Thursday, January 9, 2014

I am Canadian....

This video clip was played COUNTLESS times when I was dating Jonathan. I mean come on... dating a Canadian was pretty cool, and there was something about this clip that just made me "fall more in love" every time I watched it! Though I should have clued in back then that yes indeedy... the fact that I had no idea what a "chesterfield" was until watching the clip would signal some pretty big changes to be had upon moving to a new country!


This has been a hard road. Harder than I ever expected or prepared for. Those close to me know a bit about my journey here... and the uphill battle (at times!) that it's been... but I can say, that after 8 1/2 years... finally... FINALLY... this PLACE is feeling more like HOME.

I am Canadian now. I'm thankful that I'm also still American... but now I am no longer an (outside) American living in Canada. I might have a different background than those around me... but I am now a true part of this country and this culture.

I didn't realize how much this citizenship would mean to me! I really only went to the ceremony because I would have had to start the long (and expensive!) process over again if I didn't. BUT... both Jon and I were blown away by how honoring it was!

It was a BIG ceremony... with over 80 people getting sworn in... but from the minute it started, it was a treat!

There were many many cultures and countries represented (I was one of two Caucasians)... each person with a different story to tell... each being welcomed with open arms by the officiating judge and those assisting him. He made me (us!) feel SO invited, accepted, appreciated, and a true part of this great nation. It honestly just shocked and surprised me! It was quite different from the FIRST "welcome" I got as a new bride with a trailer full of belongings moving to new territory!

I teared up on several occasions as people around me went forward to get their certificate. 

One lady was so elderly that she had to have assistance walking to the front to get her certificate... but she did it... and returned back to her seat with a smile!

And no... usually my hair does not look like a built in bike helmet! Jon said my hair was "special" that day... though he assured me that's a rarety and not the norm! :)

People have come from violent war torn lands... poor impoverished surroundings... and have undoubtedly filed some things away in their minds that they would rather forget... but now, they are part of a safe, just, fair country. The cheers and applause of those in the room made it clear that many saw it was a privilege to be thankful for, not a right!!

I LOVE being a Canadian now... but it's times like when Alia rattles off French words from school that I'm reminded of how American I am! I must look quite silly as I flip around in my French/English dictionary to find the words she's wanting me to guess! :) 

But a couple things are for certain...

... I'm proud (and undeserving!) to be this man's wife...

At the Old Spaghetti Factory for a celebratory lunch after the ceremony

... it IS pronounced Zee, NOT Zed...

... and I WILL be learning French to impress the little smarty pants right off Alia, a time or two! ;)


  1. Congratulations! It was neat to see your pictures and hear about the ceremony - that is amazing that they had a ceremony to welcome you! Much more fun than jut receiving paper in the mail.
    You just became even cooler to me with your dual citizenship ; )
    Would love to come visit you in your country someday!
    Hope you are well.

    For the record, I think your hair is fabulous! I was actually admiring it before (and after) you made your comment about it.

  2. Eener! You're a Canadian now?! That's fabulous! Congratulations you Canadian you…. and WELCOME! Thanks for sharing a bit about your journey and the photos! When ever you get an opportunity to come to the West Coast… let me know I'll gladly show it off to you! Cheek hug! ~ Pamela