Thursday, February 23, 2012

365 Project: February 14, 2012 - Love Day

Sure, Valentine's could be classified as being "overrated" and "commercialized" but... I still quite enjoy it! An excuse to go over the top in reminding our loved ones how much we love them can't ever be a bad thing!

And when you throw little kids into the mix... it bumps up the fun factor another notch! 'Cause let's be honest here... I just don't think decorating the house with hearts and eating heart shaped bacon screams LOVE to Jonathan!

But the girls? Now they were tickled pink!

 It's a completely original idea... I know :) but our menu this year consisted of all things heart shaped.

For breakfast we had pink heart shaped pancakes... 

... and an attempt at heart shaped bacon!

For lunch we had tomato soup and heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches...

For snack we had mini heart shaped banana/chocolate chip muffins...

And for supper we dressed up in our fanciest clothes again then enjoyed salad and homemade heart shaped pizza with heart shaped pepperoni's.

Sugar cookies for dessert... and I'd say that's a wrap!

Phew wee... it's a REALLY good thing we don't eat this way every day, goodness!

We made "flowers" (out of lollipops) to hand out to our local loved ones...

... then went for a beautiful walk in the afternoon to deliver them.

But not without a sample of the goods first!

Daddy even surprised his little sweeties (and his big sweetie too!) with flowers...

... and kisses all around!

Our kids don't need hearts and flowers to know we love them... and sometimes I get a little stressed out in trying to make everything JUST right... but it's all in the memories, and a little heart shaped grilled cheese sandwich never hurt anyone!

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  1. very sweet! :) I always LOVE it when it's Dad's buying their little (and big!) girls flowers. So sweet.