Thursday, February 23, 2012

365 Project: February 13, 2012 ... Larren's Birthday!

Our little Larren is no longer a wittle one weer old. *sigh* It happens... kids grow. It's good. It's normal... but I'm still shocked by how fast it happens!

Tradition in our house is to decorate the girls' door and/or room (depending how on the ball we are!) while they are sleeping.  

If they happen to forget it's their birthday than they are reminded (and celebrated!) the second their eyes open in the morning!

For breakfast the birthday girl chose baked oatmeal... Daddy made it a little extra special with a chocolate chip & marshmallow smiley face!

What would a day in the life of a brand new two year old be without dress up?

Or "camping"... in snowsuits... and rain boots?

When asked what she wanted for lunch the automatic and excited answer was MACARONI & CHEESE! Any guesses what the supper request was? Why not have mac and cheese TWO times on your SECOND birthday, right?

Jon never complains but macaroni and cheese two times in one day might be the limit... so he got something a little more "man friendly" for supper!

Larren only opened a couple of cards and one gift since her big birthday bash was taking place the next weekend. We ended the day with her new Berenstein Bears DVD and both she and Alia were all smiles!

Mission: Make Larren feel extra loved and valued...  successful!

Stay tuned for the "Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Bash" - it'll make you, umm... nibbly!

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