Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sporting a New Look...

Some of you may have noticed that Alia's sporting a new look.... though we wouldn't mind the "old look" back!

See that scare above her right eye?

Sadly, it's been there for a couple of weeks now and looks like it might be staying with us for awhile longer.

She had a topple as she was climbing up (or down? For the life of me I still can't figure out how it all happened exactly!) the step ladder and found something sharp to come in contact with along the way. Thankfully Jon was home and came running towards the screams. As you may know head wounds produce A. LOT. of blood... and frankly, I don't do well with blood when it's coming from my offspring. Someone else's kid? Sure... I can handle it. But my kid? Goodness, I become a frantic chicken with her head cu... umm, anyhow! Jon was a firefighter for 5 years and automatically goes into first responder mode when it comes to emergency situations. Which, I must say, is way more useful than the mode I go into!

After several hours of contemplating, we decided it was too deep to leave alone and mosied on down to ER for them to take a closer look. Sure enough it needed either glue or stitches... and after a serious request for glue, that's what we ended up with. (The thought of them stitching up Alia's forehead left me greatly nauseous... to say the least!) I was so glad to have Nana Betty along with me (Jon stayed home with sleeping Larren) and Alia was thrilled to have the two of us all to herself! She mentioned a couple of times how much fun it was! :)

That's when I decided that more one on one dates were in order! A trip to ER just shouldn't be that exciting!

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