Saturday, November 19, 2011

39 Weeks and Counting

Well, it's pretty obvious that I have been LESS than stellar about taking pregnancy pics this time around... like I MAYBE have a dozen and a half! My intentions are good... but then I'm either too lazy to set up the tripod or I see myself in the pics and cringe!

So as a result... this baby will only see what her preggo mama looked like to a small degree!

My best friend Jen and I have an annual tradition of attending a local women's retreat together, and this year Jen made it clear we were using a bit of our free time to take some pregnancy pics! I might have whined a tad bit, but I'm SO THANKFUL that we were able to document this amazing time in life! And... I'm kicking myself for simply not taking ONE picture a week! Oh well...

Let me be clear that it is hard for me to be a model... very, very hard. In my "previous life" (AKA before kids!) I had no quams about being in front of the camera, and could actually take a decent picture! But for some reason kiddos have changed that and I look like a loon every time the shutter goes! That being said... this is the only full face shot of the bunch! Not because Jen didn't take more, but because well... just because!

So here ya go... 

The classic heart pic... which makes me smile!

We took these pictures in September, and I thought "Oh, I haven't grown THAT much..." but as you'll later see, yes... indeed I have! :)

And this next shot is one of my favorites... a slight view of what it's like from the top!

Again, thank you Jen... I really appreciate it!

For months now the girls have taken to kissing "the baby" on a very regular basis. In the morning when they wake up, when we're playing together, when they're laying their heads on my belly as we read books, when I'm washing their faces after a meal, before nap time, before bed time... on a regular basis is not an understatement!

Here's MY recent view of the oldest little kisser!

And the inevitable "Does baby like it when I give her kisses?" question! :)

Jen was over for lunch last week and simply said "march to the end of the hall young lady!" :) 

I gotta say... I FEEL that big, but had no idea I actually looked it!
39 weeks and counting... Mama's ready for ya baby Kreiser! 


  1. That picture reminds me of what I looked like when I was ready to have baby #2. This little Kreiser will be here soon! Gramma can't wait!!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Beautiful!
    It was fun to look at them, despite your feelings of self-consciousness.

    Love you.