Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nikon D90 / Fargo

I have already posted quite a few pics taken with my new camera... and I'm hoping you can tell which ones those are!! At any rate... I have really been enjoying it!
We picked up my new Nikon D90 on our way down to Fargo, and played around with it a bit over the weekend!
And what a great weekend it was! The hospitality was, once again, amazing and we got lots of visiting in! We're REALLY looking forward to having Aaron and Charm live a bit closer, but will miss our ND adventures with them! Those adventures have gone back to our pre-married days... my, what fun and crazy times we've had! Why would anybody drink when you can have so much fun sober? I'll never know!

My FIRST pic taken with my new camera!

Aaron loves old pop products, so there's lots of great memorabilia through out their place.

Aaron and Charm love, love, love the girls... and what a HUGE blessing it is to see them be a part of their lives!

We had fun helping Aaron and Charm pick out building supplies and some of their house "goodies"! They are building a new shop/apartment at their farm. It will be a temporary place to live until they build their forever house in a few years!

These were our final tin color choices.

Our littlest love enjoying her first visit to the States!

We didn't do all that much shopping (so I thought!) but goodness, on the way home were we ever crammed for space! We even had the hitch rack plus weatherproof bag on the back, and still we were looking for every inch possible! Larren is a little skeptical that we'll get everything in!

But we made did, with room to spare! Alia sat in the 3rd row and it worked out so, so nice for traveling!

Larren and I took up residence in the 2nd row and rode quite comfortably!

We're so glad we were able to spend time down in the "High Plains!" Thanks again for the lovely hospitality Aaron and Charm! Can't wait to hang out more on this side of the border!

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  1. Hey, those are some really cool pictures of the pop stuff. I'm sure Aaron would like a copy of those... especially the one where he is holding Larren (ok, maybe that one is for me) We absolutely loved having you here, and definately looking forward to more frequent visits!