Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garage Sale... Rain or Shine

My friend asked if I wanted to put some stuff in a garage sale she was having. I said "Oh... that's okay! We don't have much to get rid of!" HA! 5 boxes later, our house feels a little tidier! (And mind you... we clear out unused stuff on at LEAST a monthly basis!)
On the day of our garage sale it was not only raining like crazy, it was freezing cold! Surprisingly, that didn't stop the die hards! We still had quite a good turn out... though we may have had crankier children (and moms!) perhaps.
Overall we had fun, got to "visit with a cause", made some money, and made some people's day in the process!

Here's Larren... bundled away!

The kids enjoyed playing outside, despite the cold!

Look at that bum... gracious!

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