Friday, September 9, 2016

Bale Business

 Jon has always thought of unique things to do with the girls when he knows I just need a break. Often he'll take them for a country drive, or out exploring through the woods, or on a four wheeler/snow mobile ride to "new places they've never been"... or in the fall, when the hay bales start "rolling in" he'll take them to play on the "country playground!" 

They LOVE it! As soon as they see a near by line of bales they are asking to go visit them!! 

Since we have moved, we have a huge hay field to the east and south of us... and the kids were PUMPED when Mr. Mark started stacking bales along the edge of our property!

They drive the four wheeler over, hop from it onto the bales, and away they go!

I know the memories they are making on these "daddy adventures" will be highlights of their childhood!

And thanks to a zoom lens, I just snapped the pictures out the backdoor. Can you see them on the bales over there? 

I'll post pics of the house soon.... but see those hills of weeds? Thanks to continued progress on the exterior of the house, we are now ready to knock those down, bring in more dirt, smooth it all out and hopefully have a real yard again soon!!! 

One step at a time, with a little fun along the way! 

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