Saturday, May 14, 2016

Horse Lovin' Gal

For the last number of years, Alia has asked for ONE thing every Birthday and Christmas... horse tack. Oh, and a real horse! :) We tried to supplement with stuffy horses and play horses, of various sizes and kinds.... so the next time a wish list was made, she was sure to clarify... "real live horse!" Because, clearly, Mommy and Daddy just weren't getting the message! :)

We are still getting our yard established, after the house build, so sadly a horse won't be joining our family this year... but POSSIBLY (I added that as a small disclaimer!) in the future.

So, when given the choice of gymnastics or horse riding lessons, Alia JUMPED at the horse riding lessons option... and couldn't WAIT to start!

There was a HUGE smile on her face, literally, every single minute of lessons!!! Every. Single. Minute... for 8 weeks straight!

Her teachers were above the top fantastic! They were always full of encouragement and worked hard to help her horse pick up the pace when need be!

Getting "Big Mac" to lope was Alia's FAVORITE part!!!

 It took her almost 6 weeks to work up to that, so it was a super exciting day when she earned that privilege!

Her sisters were great sports too.... it's not always easy watching big sister have all the fun (though of course, they got to have fun in gymnastics while Alia watched on!) but they would yell encouragement and say "Come on Big Mac!!" when it was time to barrel race!!

And go play with the barn cats, when things were slow paced!

All in all, her first go around with horse riding lessons were a huge highlight of her spring! And positive in every way!!

But guess who has a birthday coming up? 

And guess what's on the list?!?

The flame has been fanned bigger and bigger!! :)

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