Monday, February 25, 2013

Just 'a Swinging

The hour before supper is the CAH-RAZIEST hour at our place. Never fails that the most fights will be fought, the most tears will be shed, the most toys will be tripped over, the most requests will be made, and the most "deep breaths" will be taken over that 60 minute period!

Well this day was no exception. The littlest lady wanted to snack on anything in sight, the middle was whiny, and the oldest was bossy... and I was not only trying to get supper ready, but also get myself AND a host of snacks ready to head out with some ladies for the evening.

I had seen the idea (on Pinterest, of course!) of hanging a Sleepy Wrap from the table as a kids hammock... and it seemed like as good a time as any to give the idea a try!

I simply got out my wrap, tied it tightly around the kitchen table, and let the girls have at it!

** Just a heads up, my middle maiden is a "free spirit" when it comes to clothing, she thinks that wearing just panties is completely acceptable attire! We're working on it... but it's clear that her and her sister are warm blooded Canadians! Their internal temp. gauge is ALWAYS "too hot!" **

We had to tighten it some more (which I did AFTER these pics were taken!) since they weren't getting much clearance...

... but even then they were still having a great time!

And when they were finished, out came the babies to get a ride too!

It was a good reminder to me that when the day gets to be a bit much, sometimes all it takes is a little creativity and a little distraction to boost the attitude levels a bit!

And considering I love my Sleepy Wrap way to much to pass it on... I think I'll be keeping it around for quite awhile... who knew it had so many uses?! :)

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