Monday, February 25, 2013

Buster Bars Gone Bad

At the "last minute" we had some of our closest friends over for an afternoon of snow play. We roasted marshmallows around a bonfire, went trekking through the woods, and took lots of rides behind the snowmobile! ("We" being "they"... as you can probably guess!) We ended the day with a big pot of chili and a hot pan of cornbread to warm us all up. I hadn't thought too much about dessert, but knew we had a couple boxes of DQ buster bars in the freezer that would suffice just fine!

Who doesn't like a buster bar right?!

Well, I should have consulted with my husband on the idea... because he knew that they had melted a bit, and then refroze to the current state they were in.

At first glance they looked fine...

... but look at them from a different angle and you get a clear picture of the melting/refreezing thing!

 It's a really good thing our friends love us... because they certainly aren't coming due to our stellar dessert menu! ;)

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