Monday, February 25, 2013

"Fossil" (aka Rock) Discovery

Winter has been messing with us this year. Over the last month our temperatures have been all over the map!  -45 degrees F to 35 degrees F and back again!

On this particular day the weather was reasonable and I decided to suck it up, don my long johns, and get the kiddos bundled up to spend the afternoon outside. Besides being reminded that I have a VERY strong dislike for winter... I have to admit, it was okay! I'm glad to stay in my role as the "hot chocolate provider" but it was good to get outside a bit... and appreciate the indoors that much more!

We did the best we could sledding down the small snow drift in the back yard, we played on the play structure, we went for sleigh rides around the yard, and then the girls decided it was time for a "fossil hunt."

Their goal was to uncover the rock in our front yard... 

... and to my surprise it kept them entertained for quite some time!

I tried bribing them with hot chocolate and visions of a warm house to go in to... but there was just no stopping them, they had to get to their goal!

So Caidrie and I made several more loops around the house while the girls dug...

... and soon they struck the mother load!

Little did these explorers know..

... that the weather would do a good job of uncovering their rock for them, only to have it covered, and uncovered several more times since then!

Winter in the Canadian Prairies... ya never know what you're gonna get!

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