Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gold Medal Gymnasts

The end of October snuck up quickly on us this year! Before we knew it we were going for walks with hats and mittens on, getting out the fall decor, picking the "perfect" pumpkins, and planning out what the girls would don for Hallapalooza! 

We started the whole pumpkin carving tradition last year and carried it on with round two this year. Last fall a kitty cat was the pick from our ladies... and this year, it was voted top choice yet again! We went with a different design... but I guess our girls are trying to hint at something! :)

They are still too small to do the actual carving, but they sure try to help anyway they can! 

Getting out the ooey gooey pumpkin seeds was, surprisingly, the highlight for Alia and Larren this year... which is quite a big difference from the last round! 

The memory of yummy salted roasted pumpkin seeds might have helped spur them on a little!

Jon and I both took a go at carving the kitty cat, and while neither of us are pros... it sure is fun, eh?! We might have to add more pumpkins to the rap sheet for next year!

So here she is... doesn't our little meow meow look friendly and inviting?! That's the look we were going for... we aren't into scaring the neighbor kids! We leave a big bowl of candy on the verandah while we're at Hallapalooza and we want it to be EMPTY when we get home!!

And here's the kitty from last year, for a year by year comparison!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Olympics really caught Alia's attention this year, and when I gave her the list of costume options she could chose from for Hallapalooza, the Olympic gymnast got a mighty big applause!

So we made a trip to the dollar store, got our creative juices flowing, and whipped up the girls costumes in no time!

Their "medals" were just glitter paper glued together with purple ribbon that said London 2012 on the side using scrap booking stickers. Their "torches" were card stock and construction paper cut & glued to look like flames, and our friends brought sparkles to put in their hair which totally sealed the costume!

Alia and Larren wore two of Alia's gymnastic leotards, while Caidrie just wore her *cough cough* bathing suit! Hey... it works!! :)

Their costumes were cheap, easy, and ADORED by the trio of gymnasts!  

Hallapalooza was fabulous, as always, with lots of games... more candy than ever... and great friends to share it with!

(You can also see our Hallapalooza fun from last year, if you missed it!)

Our kids don't drink pop... ever... because to them it's "too spicy!" But at this particular station they had to guess which cup was Coke and which was Pepsi! Did the fact that they despise pop detour them? Absolutely not! They saw that big bowl of candy and downed the "spicy bop" with a classic "You guys really drink this stuff?!" face! Oh the things kids will do for Reese's Pieces... that wouldn't be a learned trait or anything, would it?! And for the record... Alia said Pepsi was better!! :)

The littlest gymnast with her "coach!"

Caidrie really got into this whole gymnast thing and decided to try her hand at her first commercial shoot!

Yes... fall is/was a blur of busyness... and I constantly feel "behind"... but I've realized that one day my house will be spotless and completely organized, my schedule will be predictable, meal times quiet and uneventful... while I look back at these crazy days with longing! 

So I'm daily making the CHOICE to find joy in the little things. Like wrinkly pumpkins on the verandah steps, glitter from the girls gold medals sprinkled through out the house, the pleas for candy on a consistent basis, and the fall decorations still displayed while snow falls outside the window. 

Remind me I'm looking for joy when we're in the dead of winter with mounds of snowsuits and wet boots piled by the door, okay?!?! :)

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