Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Friends with Horses

Horses... oh my! We have some crazy horse loving girls in our house! And the more they hang out with some of our best friends, and their horse loving girls, the deeper the fever goes!  

We have horse shows, almost daily, with jumps and rotations and maintaining eye contact and keeping the horse between you and the judge at all times... the whole nine yards!

(Yes... that is Alia's "horse" and "halter" balancing on the "winner's platform"... where there's an imagination, there's a way!!!)

And a stable to go back to after the show... with gates to TRY to keep little sister out, of course!

Tracy even brought over some chaps and a western shirt for Alia to borrow... 

... which really "helped" the cause!! 

I tell ya... it's a good thing we love these certain friends so much... because the more we hang out with them the more I see some mighty big price tags looming in our future!

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