Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Middle Maiden

This little ballerina... 

... the one with the beautiful blue eyes...

... is growing up.

The temper tantrums are getting fewer and farther between. The screaming has been replaced with yelling "Mommy, I LOVE YOU!" at any given moment for somewhere in the house. The many, what seemed like, intentional messes have given way to an incredibly willing servant. The "ME, ME, ME's" are slowly being replaced by going out of her way to make someone smile.

Our two year old is getting closer to three... and it shows in so many ways!

And I breathe a sigh of relief. Not because our troubles are over... as long as we are parents they are bound to appear... but that I am FINALLY seeing Larren for who she is. Seeing her true colors, if you will. 

She is stubborn, YES! But oh... she is crazy sweet! She is loud... but SO tender hearted! She is small... but has a BIG desire to serve those around her! She is rough, at times... but is the first to protect the under dog. She is finding her place in our pack of pink... but will step aside in a second so big sister can be in the spotlight. 

Add to the list her cute little bum just begging to be pinched, a make-you-melt lisp when she says her S's, her sweet yet sassy pointing finger that comes out quite often, and her give-it-all-she's-got squeezes... and we absolutely couldn't ask for a better middle maiden in our family!

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  1. I love you and little Larren. I am so glad to hear this!!!!!