Thursday, June 14, 2012

Random and Remembering

Did ya'll know that my WHOLE immediate family came to Manitoba for Christmas? (Yes... I mean the Christmas that happened 6 months ago!) That it was wonderful to see them? That we had 10 people in our small little house? And that 10 people in a small house can be a tad stressful? But that I still think about our time together almost weekly?!

Well, I never got to blog about it... maybe it's the whole having three kids spaced 3 1/2 years apart thing that keeps me a little busy. I dunno!

But it was good. And after a few days, it just felt right. 

Simply being together...

... cooking with all of us jammed into a little tiny kitchen
... waking up and hanging out with wild bed head and our PJ's on til noon

... riding snowmobiles around our "neck of the woods"
... story after story being read to the girls by their Gramma, Grampa, Auntie or an Uncle... only to be repeated by the next loved one "in line"

... having a crying, stressed, expectations not being met moment and my mom knowing what to say to make me feel better
... my dad & brothers making me laugh until my eyes watered

It wasn't perfect (as much as I wanted it to be!)... but it was fun. 

These are the people that know me. They love me, despite my many imperfections. They believe in me. And they want the best for our family. There's no reason to be anything I'm not with them around. Slowly, through out the week, I could feel myself start relaxing... becoming more "me"... more at ease. And in just one short month we shall all be together again! That little tid bit alone makes it easier to breathe, easier to bare all the busyness in the day, and easier to let go of the less important things in life.

(Insert a deep sigh of thankfulness here!)


  1. There are some beautiful lines in that last paragraph:
    "these are the people that know me"
    "they love me"
    "they believe in me"
    "there's no reason to be anything I'm not"


    i feel we've gotten a bit away from the knowing in a current sense, but count me in on those last three for sure...we'll keep working on the first as time and space and phase allow.

    love you.

  2. Just found know you could make your kitchen bigger if you cut down the size of that bowling alley you guys added on :)

    Lisa C