Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Picture Day

As some of you know, I take hundreds of pictures of my little lovelies but have a very hard time printing them out... so today was the day to do some updating. 

My goal was to : 
* spend no more than 5 minutes taking pics with each child (otherwise attention spans wear thin and smiles turn to frowns in a hurry!) 
* be somewhat pleased with the results 
* to print them... no matter how many "mistakes" I saw in my photographing ability 

So, without further ado... here are the results! 

May I present to you the brand new FOUR year old... ALIA!

And next up we have the "I'm way to busy to be sitting here looking at a black box" TWO year old of the
group... LARREN!


And our smallest, and baldest member... 6 month old CAIDRIE!!

I was hoping to take all the pics at the same location so the lighting would match, but that didn't happen. And it just so works out that we're going back to "Alia's location" tomorrow for some fun in the sun... so I MIGHT retake them. MIGHT! If the girls cooperate and if my husband doesn't make fun of me too bad for my perfectionistic tendencies!

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