Thursday, June 14, 2012

Keeping it Real

A borrowed tri pod and my wireless camera remote were being tested with the future intention of getting some nice candid shots of the girls and I. At the very least I should have put on some nicer duds and smoothed out my frizzy hair, but for now... you get an all too real picture of what our day to day life is like! 

Me - in my yoga pants and old T-shirt with no make up on and my hair still not done for the day
Alia - laughing at her sister trying to get her panties on while clicking away on the camera remote
Larren - bare bummed and trying to get her panties back on after a mad dash to the potty
Caidrie - trying desperately to get her little mits on the camera remote in Alia's hand while still in the sleeper she slept in

The next time Alia plays around with the remote we'll try to have the sun shining, the birds singing, the flowers blooming, and white frilly dresses on as we're skipping around an open field! :) Cause what Mom wants to look back and remember that she hasn't showered for two days?!? 

Just keeping it real folks, just keeping it real!

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