Monday, April 9, 2012

For Those of You Who've Noticed...

... I've been neglecting this poor little blog here! Not because I want to... but because other more important things are first on the to do list. So, as much as I've loved the 365 project (and will continue on with the challenge!) I won't be posting the pics here. The feeling of never being caught up is one I don't enjoy... and felt that posting daily was just a little more than I could commit to! So I'll just keep ya'll updated whenever I get a few minutes and a couples doses of inspiration! Which usually comes at oh, say... 1 am or so! :)


  1. We certainly understand - you have enough pressure without maintaining a blog. Although the blog is sort of like keeping a baby book and I'm sure will be enjoyed by your girls for years to come.
    Gramma Toews