Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Month of March in Minutes

March... oh where oh where did it go?!
We weren't busy with commitments or visits or appointments, just busy with day in and day out life!

Ya know... things like...

-- afternoon snacks -- 

-- Alia's job as a "life guard"... we don't go to the public pool much, can ya tell?! -- 

-- making crafts --

-- hanging out with best friends --

-- making Mommy smile -- 

-- visiting with Auntie Val (from Colorado) -- 

-- learning to make Mennonite noodle soup... mmm mmm mmm :) --

-- cleaning up the occasional diaper catastophe... and no, that's not mustard on the floor, or on my pants, or on my slipper --

-- playing with sisters -- 

-- making cookies on a day that needed attitude intervention (despite what the picture may portray!) -- 

-- opening a birthday package from a beloved auntie and uncle -- 

-- taking one last snow mobile ride -- 

-- visiting with friends we adore  --

-- making Easter buns with Nana Betty  --

-- Caidrie's first successful roll over -- 

-- Alia & Larren going on their FIRST girls sleep over (with the gals from above!)... --

-- ... while Jon and I went to Saskatchewan to pick up a truck --

(And what would a "new" truck be with out a little loving right off the hop?!)

(Caidrie and I had a fair amount of play time while the fixing took place...)

(And lots of time to enjoy the great weather!)

-- happy reunions after a night apart --

-- hard core morning worship/dancing times :) --

-- painting --

-- deep conversations with an older sister -- 

-- and the inevitable fascination with bald heads! --

-- orneriness --

-- jello jigglers --

-- magnetic dolls --

-- rice cereal for the first time --

-- "Hey Alia... smile" faces --

-- followed by "Take a picture of me doing this" poses --

-- Mommy's love of cute little baby legs --

-- visiting Caidrie's new boyfriend! :) --

-- and getting daddy and sister's approval! --

(Wyatt was positively the smallest baby I've ever seen... SO ADORABLE!)

-- a trip to Saskatchewan to visit family/relax over Spring break... which meant the girls shared a bed for the first time! --

-- getting rides on Auntie Elsie's walker --

-- hanging out with Auntie Teresa --

-- getting ready for an afternoon swim at the hotel pool --

(The girls weren't excited or anything!)

-- Alia going down the water slide all by herself! -- 

-- Caidrie's first time at the pool --

-- and her first hotel stay, for that matter! --

-- Oh and did I mention.... LAUNDRY?! --

So there ya have it... life keeps marching along!  

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