Thursday, March 15, 2012

365 Project: February 29, 2012 ... My (real) Birthday!

As ya'll know, I'm a leap year baby! I get the question "How does it feel to only get a birthday every four years?" often... and well, it's all I know... so it's good! My family never let me feel "deprived" on the off years and probably gave me EXTRA spoiling because of the 1 in 4 factor! And yes... this was my REAL birthday this year - but as all the adults out there know... even if it's our birthdays, life still has to go on!

My day was pretty normal at my "mom job" but there were a few fun surprises through out the day that made it super special indeed!

In the morning I was welcomed with breakfast...

... a collection of my favorite treats, some of which were imported all the way from the good ole'
US of A :)

... a handmade representation of my new Ipod from Jonathan and new slippers from the girls! 
(No, no... thankfully these aren't the new ones! These are my old dingy slippers that will surfice until the new pair is made!)

... and smiling faces! 
(There might have been a talk to the girls about being on their very bestest behavior for Mommy... and they sure tried their hardest!)

I got several phone calls from you guys... Jon surprised me with flowers when he got home... and then our good friends, Tim & April, watched ALL the girls so my love and I could go out for dinner & dessert! 

Though the day was "normal" it was just. right. and will do wonderfully for the next four years!

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