Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hungry Caterpillar Par-tay!

I gave Larren three options for her second birthday party and a "cah-pill-er birf-day" was, hands down, the top pick! Oh my lawsee, was she ever excited!  

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of our favorite books and when I first saw the idea on a friend's blog ... I knew it would be perfect for one of the girls!

The invitation hinted at what the theme was about...

... and caterpillar's abounded as soon as folks walked in the door!

In the book there are colored polka dots on a number of pages... so the girls and I did a backdrop with finger paints and long white paper. It was simple enough that I didn't have to stress over it being perfect, and they had a ball! And as with all of our parties... we went with the clearly homemade look! :)

For a split moment I entertained the thought of making all the cupcakes... but for the couple of bucks it costs for someone ELSE to make them (and clean up the mess!)... I gladly went with option B!

I simply made an extra caterpillar face to place on top of a cupcake, and then layed the cupcakes out in the shape of the caterpillar's body. 

The cupcakes were DELICIOUS... but sadly after a few "dye incidences" it was apparent who had a cupcake and who hadn't! Needless to say, no one really wanted to end up with a green mouth, so tasty or not... homemade would have been the better option! :)

I didn't want to do a big meal... so we went with nachos and veggies. Plain and simple!

Part of the caterpillar's "buffet" to add a little festivity to the washroom! :)

Daddy, big sister and I put everything up while Larren was napping and our birthday girl was quite pleased with all the decorations!!

Alia, Larren and I made caterpillar hair clips for the 4 little ladies who were attending the party!

And every time they wear them we talk about the caterpillar who "had no mouth but ate lots of food!" Oh the things they notice! :)

We set up the kid's table at the end of the hallway... and as I checked in on the girls I found this. 

The little lone birthday girl eating all by herself with her baby doll!! We remedied that pretty quickly, I assure you!

We were overwhelmed, once again, by the number of people who spoiled our babe with gifts! Goodness... we are always amazed! Thank you guys!

After gifts we had some ice cream cake and cupcakes, or should I say the BRAVE ones had cupcakes!  And it was evident who those folks were!!! :)

We sent our family and friends home with a little bag of gummy worms, but of course, the little token of thanks is just never enough!

Space was tight...

...yeah, it was crowded...

... but to have our close friends and family together to help us celebrate Larren's life is such a blessing! (And we wish the rest of you could have been with us too!) We thank God for another year of her life and for those who are standing with us as we raise this precious butterfly!


  1. you always go over and above on the birthdays. K is turning 3 and has never had a b-day party with more than the grandparents and there hasn't been decorations. So you're way ahead of me. I may attempt a small girl party this year, who knows.

  2. Go for it! It doesn't have to be much... birthday parties are just our little way of telling the girls we are thankful that they are in our lives. Jon and I talked about it before Alia's first birthday, and it was just something we wanted to do! Doesn't mean I'm way ahead of you by any means, girl! You are a fabulous mama... and go "over and above" in other ways that I don't! But I'll warn ya... when you get a theme in your head, it just might be hard to keep it tamed! :)

  3. Wow super mamma! Great job. It looks beautiful! I wished we lived close enough together to get an Chloe would have loved the new "pretty"!
    I miss you! Wish we could do more of life together!