Friday, September 16, 2011

Young Love

As I mentioned awhile back... I photographed a wedding the day after we returned from Ohio. Nothing like jumping right in, eh? I`ll admit, I was way more exhausted and way less focused than I would have preferred... but thankfully my best friend, Jen, was second shooting with me. I was SO GLAD to have her there... she knew just what to say, when to ``take over,`` when to get me laughing, and took some fantastic pics in the process!

ANYHOW... onto the good part!

This couple was absolutely so wonderful! I know I`m supposed to say that, as their photographer and all... but they. just. are! I instantly loved them when I took their engagement pictures this past March, and was quite surprised (and delighted!) when they asked me if I would do their wedding pictures too! They are a laid back, fun, super in love couple... and it sure shows in front of the lens! Throw in GREAT families on both sides... and it`s a recipe for a good time!

The ceremony was simple, well thought out, and beautiful to witness!

(*photo taken by Jen*)

We took the pictures at a nearby park... and though it was a challenge to keep out all the unwanted background and people... we got some shots that, hopefully, capture the memories and feelings of the day!

(*photo taken by Jen*)

(*photo taken by Jen*)

(*photo taken by Jen*)

This wedding made me OVERWHELMINGLY aware of just how much I have to learn. (Have I mentioned that correct white balance and exposure IN CAMERA are prime?!?!) I have worlds to go with understanding light, configuring poses, learning how to really edit, and improving composition... and am not sure weddings are the place to learn those things... but am SO grateful for the opportunity!

I won't be doing another wedding for a good long while... simply because of my lack of confidence and the time commitment (with both shooting and editing!) involved, but look forward to finding joy in taking everyday pics of my kids again! They are starting to forget what a camera looks like! :)

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  1. Love the shots where the water coming down from the fountain looked frozen in place! Good job girl! :)