Friday, September 9, 2011

School Time Tea

We are super spoiled to have Jonathan home with us all summer... but with that blessing comes some serious adjustment as he heads back to school in fall! 

To help soften the transition, I suggested an afternoon tea party on the verandah. 

We made invitations in the morning, asking if Lukey and Percy would like to join us...

... then after naps we sipped cold iced tea while enjoying the sunshine!

Had I been more on the ball (and we had air conditioning!) I would have baked up something special for the affair.

Thankfully the girls aren't picky... and these little cream puffs were a welcomed treat just the same!

It was a delight indeed to be dainty with my little lovlies, though Larren wasn't too sure about my British accent!

Our tea party helped the day go by a little faster... 

... and in no time Daddy was welcomed home with lots of squealing, hugs, and hip hip hurrays!

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