Tuesday, August 17, 2010

UNOH Getaway

Since both my dad and Jon are automotive instructors, we were invited to go to an update seminar put on by a local university. My dad has been going for like the past 15-20 years... but this was Jon's first seminar. The University of Northwest Ohio (UNOH) treated us like royalty! That's right... US! It wasn't just for the guys, the women were invited, and spoiled, too!
Day 1 -
Race car driving (real race cars or trucks of our choice!), go cart racing, pizza, etc. followed by a HUGE welcome banquet in the evening with 4 different cuisines to choose from.
My dad was scheduled to drive a couple hours before we were...

... but it would have been SO fun to be on the track together!!
Here's Jon and I walking down to the pits...


getting all strapped into the trucks... (I was even going to drive my OWN truck!)

... and that's where the fun came to a screeching HALT! We were all geared up... hearts a pounding... and then it started to rain. So they shut down the track for the day... and sadly enough there was no driving experience for us!

We were then treated to a nearby hotel free of charge (for both nights!). We didn't pay a penny for anything the whole weekend we were at the seminar! Craziness!

Day 2 -
Guys : Update classes (which were really really good, according to the gents!)
Girls: SPA DAY! Delightful, I tell ya! Manicure, Pedicure, Facial, Make Up, Color Classes, and a lovely catered lunch. The evening banquet was just as good as the night before with costumes suggested to keep the mood light! We aren't the dressing up type, but with over $9000 in prize money (first place got $1000), we decided to suck it up and don a mask! The theme was "Disney, Cartoons and Comics."

We didn't win any mullah... but Jon did manage to win $200 by playing Family Feud!

Day 3 -
Guys: Update classes (both guys came home loaded with free "garage stuff" and said the classes were, once again, very informative!)
Girls : Go home and relieve the AMAZING friend who watched my babes for 2 days! At least that's what this mama did! The other ladies were treated to a day out shopping, seeing museums, and a big buffet lunch!

Thanks again Patty for being absolutely WONDERFUL with the girls, and for giving up two days of your summer to watch them! They loved it... Alia still jumps up and down at the mention of "Miss. Patty!"

My goodness... what a wonderful little getaway we had! Isn't it crazy what 1 or 2 days away can do?! We had SO SO much fun and look forward to next years seminar!!

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