Sunday, August 29, 2010

Auntie and Uncle Love

My sister in law has been planning a special "Alia day" for quite some time now (and trust me... I'm sure she's already planning one including Larren for next summer!). And since Alia LOVES animals, the zoo was a great place to go!

My siblings have "kidnapped" Alia on a number of different occasions while we've been home! They have fed the ducks, gone out for lunch, fed the fish, gone for ice cream, and of course, gone to the park! Alia just SOAKS it in!

I am absoultely amazed by the love they have for my children... seriously, it blesses me beyond words!! They would do anything for them... without thinking twice! Each of them is going to be a fantastic parent someday!!

Josh and Erin snapped quite a few pics from their zoo outing and were kind enough to let me download them the second they came home! Well, the second after I carried a half sleeping, but still grinning little girl upstairs to continue her nap! :)

Alia wasn't so sure of the huge polar bear... but if Auntie says it's okay, than it must be!

Seals... I've always been a little concerned with the polar bears and seals being in such close proximity in front of little eyes, but here's to hoping the kids don't connect the dots on that one!

Seeing Alia's favorite animal... the giraffe's!!!

We told her that the giraffe's were Lukey's cousins... so she brought him along to show him his long lost relatives! Josh and Erin said she kept yelling "Lukey's cousins, Lukey's cousins!!!!!"

"Playing" with the kitties... she was pretty excited that she was touching his paw! They usually don't sit still long enough, I guess!

The fish...

Auntie Erin and Uncle Josh even took her on a big train that went around the zoo!! She was so super excited!

The two besties after a long fun day...

She didn't last long on the way home!

Thanks, you guys, for treating my children the way you do. They are so blessed to have you in their lives! Wish they could be with you more often... but we'll cherish the times we do have! Love you... ever so much!

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