Friday, June 25, 2010

Out with the Old and In with the New

Last year Grampa made Alia a playbox out of some scrap wood we had laying around. It served it's purpose well... but wasn't the prettiest thing you'd ever seen! We weren't necessarily thinking about beauty... just functionality! Add being ran over NUMEROUS times by snow mobiles last winter... and it was looking quite disturbed!
SO... we decided to skip the scrap wood and go straight to pressure treated lumber instead. We also moved the playbox to a different location, to avoid it being used as a snowmobile parking spot! If it gets ran over this year... well, let's just say the driver will be limping away at best!

The old playbox in it's sad state

Jon and Grampa building the new playbox, just in time for Alia's birthday!

Alia and Daddy breaking in the new playbox, good and proper

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