Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Belated Birthday Gift

The main birthday gift that we got Alia took a little while longer to build than anticipated... but it made it's arrival this past weekend, and Alia is quite excited!

She woke up Saturday morning, and took off for the living room! Her biggest concern... "Where Daddy buy it? Where Daddy buy it?" I tried explaining that the students at his school made it... but it just wasn't the answer she was looking for, I guess!

It didn't take her long to get set up for a tea party!

It also didn't take her long to discover this handy dandy trick...

Maybe this will detour her from climbing up her toy shelf, Larren's crib, the bookcase... you name it!

As much as I like the table... I think it's going to have to move to the basement in the very near future! The main floor of our house is quickly being over run with toys, baby items, baby dolls, and now children kitchen items! Better yet, maybe we should just move her table and chairs right on into OUR kitchen... our table is looking a little shabby compared to the new set! But for some reason I just can't picture Jon, my dad, or any other guest being very cozy for too long... so to the basement it is!

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