Saturday, August 29, 2009

Is it called a gravel box then?

After much research online I decided that instead of having a sandbox, we would fill a box with pea gravel for Alia to play in. But saying "Alia, let's go play in your gravel box!" sounds a bit odd. So... it's officially her "play box"... and she loves it!

Not only does she like filling cups, buckets, and her shoes with gravel.. she loves running over to the raspberry bushes for a quick snack when she's played too hard! This girl can spot a ripe red raspberry from an acre away!!

So far the neighbors cats have shown no interest in the new "play box" (which was the goal), Alia's clothes don't get stained from gross old sand, and she's learned that if she puts the gravel in her mouth it tastes really, really nasty. So we'll give this a whirl for another month and see if we'll keep it around for next summer or not!

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