Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Florida, the Bahamas, and beyond...

We had such a great trip! It was a busy week, but we managed to have our share of relaxation!

We got to Minneapolis with only one minor detour and even got to visit with some friends for dinner in Fargo. Our hotel was probably the nicest hotel we've ever been in and they treated us with so much hospitality. We will definitely stay there again when we're in the twin cities!

Alia did great on all the flights and got her share of attention from the other passengers and stewards! Oh my that girl has had attention for the past 2+ weeks!

Anyhow, we met up with the rest of the family and then let the buffets begin. Almost EVERY meal was a buffet! How we could eat so much and still function is beyond me!

We ended up going to a GREAT church service Sunday morning. We were greeted with smiles and open arms, even though we were obviously not part of the congregation! We all left challenged, encouraged, and very thankful to be part of their fellowship. We spent the rest of the day by the pool, going on a walk, and of course... eating!

On Monday we went to the beach and soaked up the sun for awhile before boarding the cruise ship. Alia absolutely loved the beach! She quite enjoyed the sand too! She ate her share of sandy cheerios, licked some sandy licorice, and simply tried eating it by the handful! She had sand ALL over! Every time we changed or bathed her for the next few days we found more sand.... crazy!

The cruise was our highlight of the week. We boarded early afternoon on Monday, sailed all night, and arrived in the Bahamas the next morning! We could have spent a few more days there I think... but it was nice to see more of the world! We only saw the touristy parts of the Bahamas - the beach and shops galore! Jon's one wish was to see the engines on the boat. Despite sneaking around both nights and getting VERY close, he and Arnie weren't able to get in. Apparently guests aren't allowed near them since 9-11. So... he was a bit disappointed but had a very good chat with the 2nd in command. That made up for it, I think!

We disembarked Wednesday morning and scooted off to Orlando where we spent the rest of the trip. After much deliberation, we decided not to do the whole amusement park thing. We decided we'll take in Disney when all the kids are a bit older and can appreciate it more. We went to Campus Crusade's International headquarters for some info on the Jesus film and went on an air boat ride. We met our "goal" of seeing some gators while in Florida and got a glimpse of the Everglades... ya know, I think I'm okay with not having those critters in my back yard!

We left early Friday morning and made the long trek back to snowy, white, cold Manitoba. I couldn't believe it! Some welcome hey?! We could hardly get in the driveway! Oh well... no complaining, at all. We had such a great time with family and it was a trip we'll never forget! (More pics are on Facebook if you want to see them!)

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