Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sun Dogs

WAY back in January of 2009 I started this here bloggity blog...and found it funny (and fitting!) that my very first real blog post was about Canadian winters being cold. :) 

Forward 6 years ahead and I'm still talking about the same thing!! 

In that long lost post I introduced (some of you!) to "sun dogs"... and it's kinda neat to be introducing them to my little kidlings now too.

See that "horizontal rainbow" beside the sun? 

That's a "sun dog"... and it's an indicator to this here fresh new Canuck to STAY INSIDE! That means it's coooooold. And no, not just cold to me... because we all know that would be like down vest over a hoodie type weather... but REALLY cold! 

Even to the seasoned Canadians! :)

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