Friday, February 21, 2014

A Rainbow of Fun

Our little Larren turned four last week... and oh what an event! She wanted a "rainbow unicorn" (?!?!?) party and knew specifically what she wanted... but after a teeny bit of convincing we settled on just a rainbow party instead! With the help of Pinterest, and some "yes's" and "no's" from the birthday girl, it all came together! :)

After our pool and play weekend we came home and started getting to "work" right away!

Daddy was enlisted to help hang up the high streamers, since... well, he's tall! And if Jonathan is doing something, you know it's going to be done right! Out came the tape measure! :)

 The morning of her birthday party, Larren whipped out her highly treasured sticker earrings and spread them wealth to both her sisters and I! 

(Wanna know something funny... I totally forgot I had mine on until I was washing my face that night... thankfully no one noticed because of my hair, but it definitely made me laugh!)

Larren's "job" was to hand aprons to her friends when they came so they could protect their clothes at the "craft table"...

The craft was decorating little coin purses with fabric markers to look like a rainbow!

(A little touch from Alia!)

Food consisted of a rainbow fruit platter...

... veggies, cheese, chips, and rainbow jello!

Which, may I just say, my mom is the MASTER in making! Mine didn't hold a candle in the wind to hers... if only she could have teleported us some!! Guess what my one of my new goals is?!?! Yup... hopefully our kids like jello cause I'm going to get this right yet! :)

And a coffee station for the mama's. I have only started drinking coffee in the last year, so it never crossed my mind to have coffee before now... so I appologize to all our party goers of the past who didn't have any! :)

 I, of course, forgot to take pics during craft time, or as people were snacking... but here's a couple...

(The dress up armoire was raided and it's always SO CUTE to see what creative little minds come up with!)


Caidrie had to be woke up from her nap so she could enjoy the party (and her friends!) too!

 What a wonderful group of friends Larren has! Every person invited was at HER request! :)

Gifts (again people are so generous... wow!) were quite a "group event!" :)

Alia and her friend from school made Larren a special rainbow book in class (that really is super cute!) and it brought them GREAT JOY to finally be able to give it to her sister!! 

For favor bags I ordered a number of things from Oriental Trading company.... 

... and it's a fact... I'm such a sucker (HA!)  for a themed party! 

We gave Larren's friends rainbow colored bracelets, a rainbow crayon "pen", some scratch art bookmarks, Skittles, some rainbow stickers, a rainbow sucker, and a set of rainbow colored carnival stencils.

Just our little way of saying "We're glad you're a friend and we hope these things make you smile!"

Larren's actual birthday was two days after the party, and it was a bit more low key. The girls have come to expect streamers on their door when they wake up... :) 

... and after pancakes for breakfast, Larren did some crafting with some of her new birthday gifts!

Larren requested taco's for supper (surprise, surprise!!) but when supper came around our day was going down hill fast (sadly it was a VERY challenging day for a number of reasons!) so her and I went out for supper on a Mommy/daughter date. Which... though not what we normally do on birthdays... was really fun! It was a highlight of the day for me... no doubt! I loved being with HER... just her... and seeing her in her own light!

So there ya have it. A rainbow birthday for a bright and lovely girl!

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