Friday, September 27, 2013

Cider Pressin'

Mmm, fresh apple cider just "spells" fall, doesn't it?!? 

We took a last minute whirlwind trip to visit our good friends, a couple hours away, on Sunday! Little did we know they had an afternoon treat planned for us! :)

This is Aaron's apple chopper (I have no idea what it's actually called!)... powered by a stationary engine! 

Freshly washed apples... 

... and some very willing helpers to throw them in the chopper!

The littlest ones certainly didn't want to miss out either! :)

Soon the daddies decided it was time to speed things along... which upped the entertainment factor a smidgen! 

As you can guess, a couple apples got swiped before they made it into the bin!

In no time the apples were all chopped into teeny tiny pieces...

... and were added to the press. 

Caution - if you just ate lunch you might not want to look at this next picture! It has the potential to make you toss your cookies!

While the daddies were getting everything set up, Wyatt impressed the ladies with a little engine know-how!

He's so cute! Cartoons on TV, nah... not his thing! But a video of a stationary engine running, and he'll watch as long as they let him! :)

And if my girls are anything like their mama, they'll take notice of a guy who's not afraid to get his hands dirty!

The girls were so excited... they tried catching the little itty bitty drops of juice that trickled out!

After lots of turning...

... and more turning...

... and help from Daddy...

... we finally had a pail full of yummy goodness!

Mmmm, mmm, mmm... but Gramma and Grampa... I still haven't tasted yours for the season so be sure to save a couple gallons for us, please!! :)

Here's a video of the crew while they were pressing the cider...


... the way Alia yells and jumps out of the way when the apple "sch-tuff" is squirting out of the press
... how Aaron says not to let him get dirty when he comes closer for a better look


Right AFTER this video was taken Alia commented about "perfect timing" as she barely missed a huge squirt of apple "sch-tuff" spraying out... then got majorly whopped with "sch-tuff" only seconds later!

Hilarious! I know I should have been more compassionate, and I really did try... but I just could not stop laughing!

So next time we'll be sure to get a cloth to put the apple bits in before pressing... and I'm sure Alia will be reminding us about that all year long!

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