Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bus-ing a Move

*sigh* We did it. This was harder than I realized, but Alia has rode the bus THREE times now! :)

Her first trip on the bus was a whole family affair, as you can imagine!  

We all walked her across the road to the bus stop (which we can see from our house, so that's extra nice!)...

... and waited for the bus together.

Then slowly, memorizing each step, I watched her step up onto the bus.

And her sweet bus driver wished her a "Good morning" and said "Let's get a picture for Mom, shall we?!"

And I quietly praised the Lord for such a wonderful neighbor to be there greeting her each morning... and for letting me click click click away with my camera!

She beamed, and she waved, and she smiled...

... and Larren and I cried the whole walk back to the house while Daddy told us everything would be okay.

And then Larren, Caidrie, and I quickly got in the vehicle and we rushed to school to welcome Alia off the bus and greet her with hugs and "How was it?!" 

We did that for two days... and then she bravely went on the bus... on her own... and got off the bus... on her own... and walked to the door she's supposed to go in... on her own... and waited there with no one to wave to before she went into the school... on her own.

And us Alia admirers at home... we made it! We managed... and even had some fun!!

So yeah, if she said the word I would gladly whisk her to school every morning in our family bus (a.k.a. the Expedition!) but for now.... she loves it, and thinks it's the coolest thing to be going to school AND riding a school bus!!

Letting go one bus ride at a time... that should be a new country hit song title or something... don't ya think?

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