Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Slow Down

I'm sorry. Again.

We have had a whirlwind summer, and I've been no where to be seen on this little ole' blog!

We've been to Saskatchewan, camping in North Dakota, to Ohio where we did lots of visiting and took part in my brother's wonderful wedding, made the long trip back to MB just in time for our town's big festival and visiting with Jon's out of province family, have done some renovations to our house, and now we're involved in another wedding this weekend with our "MB adopted family." Whew... and did I mention that school starts this coming week?! 

I will recap, in pictures, our summer for you... sometime in the next month :) ... but for now, here's a couple pictures from the annual festival we just barely rolled into town for!

One puppy...

One butterfly...

               And one little silly sunshine, who noticed her mama had a camera pointed in her direction...

... all had a wonderful time and are glad to be back home! 

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