Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mermaids in Training

Swim lessons are a new thing in the Kreiser household. We've always been traveling here or there over the summer and just haven't made swimming lessons too much of a priority. Until this year!

We found a wonderful private instructor not too far from where we live and the girls joined two other students to kick, paddle, and blow bubbles!

Alia... well she loved it! She was hesitant to put her ears or face in the water but she tried with all she could muster! And by the end of the class she was visibly improving!

Larren... now that's a different story! It was because of Larren's response to the water that I wished we had put them in lessons years ago! But, we didn't and we'll have a whole host of things to work on this summer. As long as she was in control, she was fine! But as soon as her instructor asked her to do any particular thing she wasn't too thrilled anymore! 

At the end of class they would sometimes get to play games... and "What time is it Mr. Wolf?" was by far the class favorite!

All in all it was a good learning experience for both us and the girls and we are very glad we got to have Mr. Reed as a teacher! A and L are excited to carry on with lessons next summer and to add that special sticker to their Red Cross swimming booklet!

Until then, these two little mermaids need to practice getting their pretty little faces wet!

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