Friday, March 1, 2013

Horse Drawn Sleigh

We are so blessed to live right outside a fun quaint little character town (okay, okay... I guess it just got moved up to city status!) and several times a year they put on free events for the community! A big harvest festival, a tree lighting/bonfire, a street rally, and most recently... a winter festival, among many other things!

We weren't sure if we were going to go but when we saw horse drawn sleigh rides on the "roster"... we knew the girls would love it!

But woowee, the temps dipped that day!

As we were waiting our turn, we grabbed an extra blanket from the Expedition and wrapped it around the girls to help keep some of the chill away. 

 Not fancy... but oh so practical!

Some of our neighbors/best friends were a couple of people ahead of us so I couldn't help but snap a picture of S's first sleigh ride too!

The excitement was overpowered by the wind chill, I think! It was WAY colder than we were expecting!

I asked my dear husband to get a quick shot of our little family on the sleigh... but because of my fixed 35mm lens, this was the best his "arm shot" could do! :) Proof that I was there, I guess!

The girls were quick to thank the driver... 

and then Larren was certain that the horsies would feel warmer if she gave them a thank you hug as well!

 We warmed up with some hot chocolate and a bonfire... then went on our way to check out more of the fun things going on!

One of which was an igloo that the girls could play in.

Guess what just got added to the girls "daddy do list" for next winter?!? :)

I'm just thankful it's an igloo and not a team of horses!

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