Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gymnastics Gymboree

Alia has been in gymnastics this fall/winter and has absolutely L.O.V.E.D it! This past Sunday was a BIG event in her world... she got to show us all what she had learned at her end of the year gymnastic display!

Some of our closest friends came to watch her do her thing, which was a huge blessing to one little gymnast... and to her mommy and daddy!

Almost up... Alia's the one in the bright animal print leotard, by the way!

Waiting for the music to start...

... then off to do their thing!

I took a few videos for the grandparents! :)

Be forwarned, there is LOTS going on though! Just keep looking for the little lady in animal print... 

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  1. Katelyn just finished her 5 weeks of gymnastics too, yesterday. So we had the final performance. Looks like they did more with Alia then they do here, but she had fun regardless. She is also in the 3/4 yr old group so not much you can do with them there as far as more intricate moves but pretty similar. I'll have to show katelyn your videos of her friend alia. Stay warm and dry. My mom sent pics of their snow and I don't want to trade places :)