Thursday, October 18, 2012

Daddy Daughter Date

Last Saturday Jon had a special morning planned for our oldest princess. He whispered in her ear the night before that they were having a Daddy daughter date the next day... and the rooster had hardly crowed when one excited little lady was up to see what he had in store!

She carefully chose her own outfit... her "Every one loves a Canadian girl" shirt, play leggings, an athletic skirt, and fringe boots! :) Oh, and her strawberry heart necklace and "bling belt" to complete the ensemble!

I'm not gonna lie... she's never left the house in such attire before, but if you can't wear fringe boots and an athletic skirt at four years old, when can you, I ask?!? 

Not only was Daddy taking her on a date...

(Oh... and we had someone who REALLY REALLY wanted to go too, any guesses?!)

... but he was picking her up in style!

Larren tried one last attempt to go too...

(I LOVE her little tights tush! It was the day of interesting outfits, I guess!)

... but after the promise that she would get a date with Daddy NEXT Saturday, and that she got to help Mommy make a dessert while sister was away... the tears got a little less.

My favorite part of the morning?!

Watching Alia's little head bob along in the middle, next to her Daddy, as they drove away... knowing, without a doubt, that she is one blessed, BLESSED, little gal. 


  1. ohhhhhh this is completely adorable!! What a great post. And the last pic, what a keeper!

  2. Thank you for sharing your gift of the day! So beautifully done! She will love that memory forever! So will you!