Thursday, October 27, 2011

If it's a Little "Too Quiet"...

... and we haven't seen Larren in awhile... we now know where to look!

Her play kitchen has become her favorite new reading spot!

The only trouble is the dismount. Her little bum fits in the sink perfectly and can become somewhat wedged on occasion.

On those days when the dishes seem to pile up and the sink is "calling my name", I've been tempted to take Larren's approach. Leave the dishes as they are and simply sink down (ha!) with a good book. But I gotta be honest... I'm pretty sure wedging would be a concern, and my dismount struggle just wouldn't be nearly as cute as Larren's!


  1. How does she get up there?
    Gramma Toews

  2. She either pushes her step stool there... or after inspection of the pictures I think the oven door has assisted her a time or two! She's a determined little one... where there's a will there's a way! :)