Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hoping for Winter

At bedtime tonight the words "I really hope winter comes tomorrow..." came out of my daughter's mouth! MY daughter, can you believe it?! It's crazy that my offspring can even concoct such thoughts... but I do have to factor into the equation who her father is! And there's no doubt in my mind that she got more of "his Canadian" than "my American!" 

We got Alia a new snowmobiling hat and after modeling it for Daddy, I think the wheels in her mind starting turning!

She remembered the distinct sound of the snowmobile, the feel of gliding over snowdrifts at a rip roaring pace, flying through the air at the "snow mountains", the welcomed warmth of the house after a long ride, the gallons and gallons of hot chocolate consumed in one winter season...

... and then she started reminding her sister!!

Yeah, it's a lost cause. I'm officially out numbered by the winter lovers in our house. All hopes of moving to a WARM climate are dashed... no matter how much hot chocolate I promise! :)

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