Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Win-A-Pig Weekend

It's no secret. I LOVE me a good themed party... but instead of focusing on birthday parties this year, we are "making a memory" for each girls birthday celebration! 

So, since Larren is the first birthday in our family... we planned a weekend trip to "Win-a-pig" (which is how Caidrie says Winnipeg!!) to the same hotel we went to last year!

It was great... and what made it even better was that we got to meet up with our friends, Aaron and Charm (and their boys) and Brad and Holly (and their girls)! 

On Friday we arrived at the hotel around 7:30 and jammed as much into one evening as possible!

 Ordered pizza for supper...

Played in the ball area (in PJ's no less!) ...

Did some swimming ...

And since Holly, Charm, Larren, and I all have birthday's in February... we had a little bday party to celebrate!

Larren was the star of the show, of course... and came away with some Doc McStuffins items, one of her favs! (Thanks for the puzzles and DVD Gramma and Grampa W.)

Cupcakes before bed made the girls 11:30 pm (!!!!) bedtime a bit more challenging! But we managed, and the mommies and daddies just had to pull a REALLY late nighter to get sufficient visiting time in!

The next day we ate a wonderful breakfast with our friends at the hotel restaurant... played in the ball area some more... forced naps on our "poor" children (so we could nap!)... and went to the Forks for supper and to walk around a bit!

More swimming was in order when we got back, followed by MORE food! :)

Mad face... 

... and happy face - 1.4 seconds later!

Larren quite enjoyed her bday weekend, I think!

 I had to remind myself, every other minute... that expectations kill joy, and wish that I could have enjoyed myself more... but all in all... memories were made, and that was the goal!

And Larren really got a good deal... this was the weekend BEFORE her bday.. so that meant more celebrating was to come!!

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