Saturday, March 29, 2014

Old Meets New

If there's an extra cardboard box laying around... that hasn't quite made it to the recycling container... the girls will probably have it turned into something "new" in a Manitoba minute! 

These here tortilla chip boxes are GOLD in their little world!! Dibs are put on them at the store before they even make it home!!

Alia originally had the creative idea to turn the box into a television set to be worn on their head... with the wearer as the "main feature." Since there's a big rectangle opening already cut into the front of the box, it just made sense!

The side flaps typically become personal remote controls... since *huh hum* someone usually throws the old ones in the recycling between "television sets!" 

There doesn't seem to be a volume setting on the remotes though! We typically have to use an override setting to make the volume lower!

Who's idea it was to fit daddy's Ipad in there, I'm not sure, but there were two hearty
yes's to the motion! 

Old fashion homemade TV meets new fandangled TV... all on a Saturday morning!

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