Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Now Where Were We?!

Ahhh yes, Halloween... kind of! I know, I know... we were at the end of summer, but let's just jump around a bit and land at Halloween, shall we?! :)

So we had three little "sweeties" for Hallapalooza this year! 

Larren was a baker...

... with her very own bake shoppe!

Caidrie was a cookie (you might recognize her costume from a couple years back! :)

And Alia was a cupcake...

... with a cherry on top!

Hallapalooza was on the main agenda again this year... 

... with the craft table and the maze being the two highlighted events!

Larren waiting patiently for the big bubble that wouldn't seem to bubble! 

Caidrie figured out the candy thing in no time! She'd say "ank oo" and promplty stuff it in her bag!

And get this... half our candy bucket (that we put out on verandah while we're gone) was empty when we got home! That's a new record! We told everyone that MIGHT be trick or treating at our house to take some... so one of these years our goal is to have none left when we get back! Though... I ALWAYS choose candy that we really like, ya know... just in case! :)

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