Monday, May 27, 2013

I've Been in a Slump

I've simply had no desires to take pictures. 

I feel like we've been cooped up inside forever and it's just the same ole thing day in and day out... so I've kind of went on a photography strike. As odd as that sounds! But it will help explain why I've been on a blogging vacation! 

I'm glad to say that the little va-cay has given me new appreciation for my Nikon, and I'm once again excited to learn new things and snap, snap, snap that shutter button! Oh and the fact that it's FINALLY starting to feel like spring here might help too! Cause really... taking pictures of us crafting and running around the basement daily for the last 6 months just might not hold your attention for long!

My computer is practically empty of pictures from the last month, but today as I was looking through some things I found these random pictures that the girls took on my point and shoot. (Which I just got as a diaper bag camera... and it's nice, it is... but it makes me really REALLY like my DSLR!!)

So, I may have been MIA... but here's a couple from Alia & Larren's perspective!


These last two crack me up! We were reading "Grandma's Attic" outside while Caidrie was napping... on a rare warm day... and I told the girls I was going to soak in the sunshine for 5 minutes... TOPS! All of a sudden I fell asleep and the girls just let me rest there! No interruptions, no nothing... when I woke up I thought that rather odd... but now I know why! They got to use Mommy's camera and they didn't want me to take away that opportunity! :)

So... my vacation is nearing an end... and I will try to get a little better at consistency. But remember... try... is the main word there... TRY! :)

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