Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What's Important

*sigh* This whole winter "forever" feeling is really getting to me. I gotta be honest. I know I live in Canada and all... but I am NOT (nor have I ever claimed to be!) a winter person! That's only heightened after adding three little ones to my life and being cooped up for months on end!

And well... this last month I've been cranky. And grumpy. And have yelled more than I ever care to admit. 

The other day started out rough... I don't remember why... I just remember getting upset multiple times, and it wasn't even lunch yet! I decided to sit down and check my e-mail... just to "check out" for a few minutes... when an e-mail from my bro popped up. He'd sent it to the whole fam, saying something like "Hey, thought you'd all enjoy this!" Nothing overly spiritual or profound. But it totally changed the course of our day.

What started out as a fun hoe down...

... led to one song, after another, after another...

... and I was reminded. 

Reminded that I can't do this on my own. That apart from God's grace I've got NOTHING to offer. That I get clouded by the circumstances so quickly, when really it's simple...

I've got ONE job to do. (For right now anyway.)

To point my kids towards Christ.

Yelling and being Miss. Cranky Pants... well, it's probably not going to do that.

I felt all sick inside, the guilt started waving in, the deceiver started throwing lies my way... when something caught my attention and I turned around...

... to see... this.

God's little reminder to me that they really are watching. That they know my heart, even when my actions aren't as I want them to be. And that HE FILLS IN for my weaknesses.

Thank you, oh, thank you Jesus!!

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