Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Extension

Don't let my "silence" fool you! We've had a busy summer, a fun summer, a productive summer, and a connecting summer!

 We flew to Calgary the day Jon got out of school, spent the week with Jon's family, came back to Manitoba for a couple days to unpack/repack/get our bearings and then drove down to Ohio to spend time with family and friends!

I have hardly had a minute to blog (and sorry... I don't see that changing any time soon!) but wanted to let you know that yes, we still exist!

We are so grateful for all the family time we spend together... but will be in for a bit of a change over this next month! Jonathan will actually be going back to Manitoba (by train, of all things!) on Monday while the girls and I stay here for a bit longer! My parents have been building a house this summer and we are close to seeing them move in... so I will be assisting them, connecting with friends/family some more, and doing "normal" life!

(Yes, this is one of those quick pics with stained shirts, dried ice cream smeared faces, and confused baby looks! Just keeping it real!)

The girls are pumped about staying in Ohio for a couple more weeks... but are also realizing that if we stay here, and Daddy goes to Canada, than that means Daddy won't be with us! : ( So we will just take each day as it comes and will head back up north whenever we feel it's time!

I'll keep ya updated as I can... and when I find time to go through the 2500 pictures that have been taken over the last month and a half I shall try to post them! :)

Enjoy these last few lazy days of summer!

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  1. Love the REAL on their faces!!! Love, Love, Love it!