Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birthday Ride

Auntie Jer called a couple of weeks ago and said she had a fabulous idea for Alia's birthday gift this year! She wanted to keep it a surprise and I tell ya... 

... were the girls ever shocked!

When asked what the surprise was... neither of them could even speak! Finally Larren was able to spit out  "HORSEY!" ... while Alia just stood there in amazement!

She couldn't wait to be back in the saddle again and wasted no time in getting familiar with a new horse!

Of course... sister see, sister do, right?!

Larren enjoyed "leading" Cooper just as much as riding him, I think!

Time for a "sister's spin!"

Then Auntie Jer asked the girls if Daddy should go for a ride too! The only rule... no rear mounts or trick riding! :)

Cooper was rewarded with lots of long fresh grass to eat between rides! 

Yeah, that's right... uh... um... we didn't mow because we knew Cooper was coming! That's our story and we're sticking to it!! :)

Larren was especially affectionate with her thank you's to Cooper! She tried a kiss on the nose but Cooper thought a hug was sufficient enough! :)

All too soon it was time for Cooper to be led (by many willing volunteers... the poor guy!) back to the trailer for his continued journey to the valley!

After one (or two, or three!) last goodbye's he was off!

And no sooner had Auntie Jer left... when a new horse & cowgirl appeared!

Their wooden stick horse, complete with string halter, has been lead around the house ever since! :)

** Thanks again Auntie Jer! This was a FANTASTIC birthday gift, indeed! **

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  1. Oh Renee, you've got some great shots to treasure here! What a sweet memory :) ~Jen